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Is Lunatix Agency a local, national or international agency?

Lunatix are working with some select regional clients as well as international and intergalactical brands. Space traveling all the time, we are working with clients across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. Language and distance are no more barriers.

How do Lunatix determine a project’s costs?

Lunatix develop fees based on the type of project and the time we travel around it. Fees include project expenses (estimated in advance), the cost of agency staff compensation, overhead and an agency profit margin. Depending on how big is the project, it might be a payment upfront or staged milestone payments.

Do you have materials that you can send me to view more of your work?

All things we are working with our customers are confidential. You can obtain most information on how we work with our clients from case studies posted on our website. To request a presentation or discuss a specific project, contact us.


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